Welcome to BBI JU Partnering

BBI JU Partnering assists you in building consortia for the BBI Calls of proposals.

BBI JU Partnering assists you in building your consortia team and project for the annual BBI calls

BBI JU Partnering offers you online services and associated events to identify BBI members which share your interests for specific topics and to actually network with them.

BBI JU Partnering enables your networking meetings for the BBI JU Info Day.

The Registration to the BBI JU Info Day 2019 - 12 April 2019 in Brussels -  is now open via the electronic registration tool.
BBI JU offers the registered attendees online networking services to schedule and prepare their face-to-face meetings.

BBI JU Partnering offers you:

  • BBI member profiles from more than 2000 active members - update your profile now!
  • selection of BBI topics from the members - show the members your favourite topics!
  • consortia propositions/contributions from BBI members - publish your proposition now!
  • BBI JU Calls for proposals and associated information
  • online and on site events to meet in person your consortia candidates - check the attendees' profiles

Additional information from BBI JU

BBI JU has collected the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) from coordinators, and provides answers via its ‘FAQ for coordinators’ document. The most recent version of this document can be found here.

Communication and dissemination activities are key deliverables for BBI JU projects.

You can download the project communications guidelines here.

You can also download high resolution and low resolution versions of the official logos for use in all project communication and dissemination activities.

The Participant Portal is the single-entry point for interactions about the EU research and innovation programmes with the European Commission and its Executive Agencies. It offers you the services and tools that facilitate the monitoring and the management of your proposals and projects.

All BBI JU Call information and documents are centralised on the Participant Portal. These include:

  • Call description
  • Topics and submission service
  • Call documents
  • FAQ and Support.